Another Trip to Spain

2016, here we go again. Follow my annual journey to barcelona and see where I role...

Monday 08 February 2016

2 weeks?

Most people from the dirtjumping scene know the famous jumppark in Bacelona called Lapoma. What you didnīt know yet or donīt see on those pictures is that i can be very windy very often. For this reason Patrick Leitner and me decided to extend the days for this trip up to 15 days. So we simply have numerous more chance of hitting good weather conditions at one trip.
So far we are here since the 30th of January. We had plenty of time on the bike and very good training and fun sessions but noone wanted to get of the bike for pictures or videos. We managed to do a little though so there is some visabilty on this newspost.
I will drop one more once our trip has come to an end :)

shot by Voitl Photography